Nutritional information:

PON QQ Oil is 100% Golden Jojoba Oil, organic, all natural, cold pressed, unpasteurized, unrefined and undiluted. Plants grown in the fertile volcanic soil of Australia. Contains absolutely NO preservatives, additives or excipients. QQ Oil maintains the skin in optimal health condition and is very helpful in dealing with pet’s difficult skin problems. It is exceptionally good for rough, dry and cracking skin, which becomes supple, soft and moist after the application of QQ Oil.
 It is best used together with QQ Water for optimal effects.

Instructions for use:

Apply QQ Oil to and massage it into the problematic parts of the body, such as areas of fur loss, scaly and dry lesions, abraded surfaces, dry and scaly ear canals, cracked paws and inflamed toe webs. When used together with OQ Water, apply QQ water first and wait for a while until it gets a bit dry before applying QQ Oil. They complement each other as QQ water has drying and QQ Oil has moisturizing and softening effects. If it is used for general skincare or if there is only mild skin problem, apply QQ Oil once or twice daily. For active skin problems, apply it three or more times a day.


As QQ Oil is not a drug, there is no dosage limit and you can use liberal amounts of it but should ensure the problematic areas are well wetted.


QQ Oil should only be used externally. If your pet shows any signs and symptoms of allergy or adverse reaction, discontinue use and seek medical treatment from your veterinary surgeon immediately. Consult your veterinary surgeon first for any skin problem.

Instructions for storage:

Keep QQ Oil in a cool, dry place below 30 degrees Celsius. After opening, the bottle must be completely sealed again to prevent entry of moisture, contaminants and insects.

Net Weight: 15ml; 50ml

Price: $40/15ml; $130/50ml

成份PON QQ油為100%黃金可可巴油,純天然,有機冷榨,不經高溫消毒,不經精製和稀釋。植物生長在澳洲肥沃的火山土壤中。絕對不含防腐劑,添加劑或賦凝劑。QQ油非常有助處理困難的皮膚問題及保持皮膚在最佳的健康狀態。對粗糙,乾燥及裂開的皮膚特別有助,使其變得水嫩柔軟及滋潤。建議QQ油與QQ水一同使用,達致最佳效果。





產品淨重:15亳升, 50亳升

價錢:$40/15亳升,    $130/50亳升

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