How to upload payment slip?

After completing the bank transfer, the transfer record must be uploaded/emailed/WhatsApp to our store, and the order number must be indicated. 

  1. Upload in website: select "My Account" in the upper right corner of the website, then select "ORDER DETAILS" under this order in "My Orders", then you can upload payment slip on the "Upload Receipt" page.
  2. By E-mail: Email to and indicate the order number.
  3. By WhatsApp: WhatsApp: (852) 9014-9399 and indicate the order number.

After receiving the payment record, our customer service staff will contact you by email/WhatsApp/phone as soon as possible to confirm the order and arrange the delivery details.

完成銀行轉賬後必須把 轉賬紀錄,上傳/電郵/Whatsapp 給本店,並註明訂單號碼。

  1. 上傳入數紙:在網站右上角選擇”My Account”,然後在”My Orders”選擇是次訂單內的”ORDER DETAILS”,便可在”Upload Receipt”一頁上傳入數紙。
  2. 電郵入數紙:電郵至 並註明訂單號碼。
  3. WhatsApp入數紙:Whatsapp: (852) 9014-9399並註明訂單號碼。


How long does the delivery time of the self-pickup service take?

Select "Pick Up" on the checkout page. After you complete the checkout and receive the confirmation email, a pick-up notification will be sent to you by email/WhatsApp/phone within 2 working days at the earliest. Customers are advised to pick up their orders within 7 days of receiving the notification. 



Is there a charge for using the delivery service?

Any purchase of HK$800 or more in a single order (calculated based on the final consumption amount after discount or/and use of e-coupons and promotional codes) can enjoy a free delivery service (except alcohol). For orders under HK$800, a delivery fee from HK$50 will be charged for each location. A dedicated wine delivery fee of about $300 (up to 6 boxes per order) will be charged for each location.



How long does the delivery time take?

Under normal circumstances, deliveries (except alcohol) will take at least 3 working days after the order is confirmed. For details, please refer to SF Express.

Alcohol products can be usually delivered to the designated address on the next working day after the order is confirmed. 




Can the goods be delivered out of Hong Kong?

The current online store delivery service is limited to Hong Kong. For further enquires, please contact us.