For general skincare or mild skin problem: apply once or twice daily. For active skin problem, apply three or more times daily. Spray enough amount to cover the whole area, and massage it in, particularly the toe webs.
After a bath: Towel-dry the skin. Apply QQ Water liberally over the skin and massage it all over the body for 1 to 2 minutes, including the head, ear, face, mouth, neck, trunk, legs and toe webs. Let it dry naturally and no need to rinse afterwards.
For the ears: Spray enough amount of QQ Water into the external ear canal to wet it completely. Use cotton buds to remove gently the dirty ear wax from between the ear ridges and the ear canal. Then put on a head hood afterwards to prevent your pet from scratching the ears and licking the paws.

As QQ Water is not a drug, there is no dosage limit and you can use it liberally.
It takes time for the QQ Water to work in chronic and difficult situations so you have to be patient.

Consult your veterinary surgeon first for any skin problem. QQ Water should only be used externally. If your pet shows any signs and symptoms of allergy or adverse reaction, discontinue use and seek medical treatment from your veterinary surgeon immediately. 

Method of Storage
Keep QQ Water in a cool, dry place below 30 degree Celsius. As it contains no preservatives, discard it immediately when it smells bad, turns dark or becomes mouldy.

Net Weight: 30ml, 50ml 

Price: $70/30ml,   $100/50ml

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