The APIC Combo Abutment serves the functions of the impression coping as well as the permanent abutment. The knuckle at the top and the horizontal platform at the bae portion enable a snap fit and a more secure and definite anchorage of the abutment-implant analogue assembly in the impression when the Combo Abutment is used as the impression coping. The vertical facet enables exact duplication of the rotational orientation of the implant in the impression. It also prevents rotation during function of the crown cemented onto the Combo Abutment in single implant cases.

The three degree taper of the abutment body enables the Combo Abutment to tolerate six degrees of misalignment of implants without the need to cut back the metal. It also minimizes the amount of metal debulking needed to remove undercuts in cases of grossly unparallel implants.

The basal chamfer has already assumed the form of a prepared crown. Therefore there is no need to prepare the abutment margin. However, this crown margin can easily be modified with a suitable bur to bring it down to a submerged level or conform to the contour of the free margin of the peri-implant mucosa.

The softness of the titanium alloy used in making the Combo Abutment facilitates its modification with burs. This physical property also contributes to the secure retention and stability of the abutment after it is connected to the implant with the abutment screw.

The precise interfacing offered by the Combo Abutment, together with the properly preloaded abutment screw and proper occlusion practically eliminates the chance of abutment screw loosening during function.

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