Better health at your door step!

The first step towards better health and lifelong wellness is just a drink away with DGF – a powdered drink mix that provides the phyto-nutrition and antioxidant power of more than 10 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Phyto-nutrients are vital compounds with strong antioxidant power found in fruits and vegetables (including important dark green vegetables), herbs, and spices that promote health and help fight illnesses. DGF provides you with the full spectrum of phyto-nutrients at less than 50 calories, making it an ideal supplement for the weight conscious.

DGF promises to give you the best.

To make sure that you obtain the best health benefits, DGF is formulated to attain the highest potency of phyto-nutrients. The power of a phyto-nutrient formula can be measured scientifically by its antioxidant capacity and is dependent upon the selection, quality, and processing of each ingredient.


Corner Stones of Lifelong Wellness

Phyto-nutrients are the active ingredients in DGF.

The latest scientific research shows the following health benefits of phyto-nutrients:

• Lowering the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, & stroke
 • Boosting the immune system, thereby enhancing the resistance to infections, and diminishing allergy symptoms
 • Improving brain function and memory
 • Reducing inflammation, strengthening bone, and relieving stiffness and aches of joints and muscles
 • Enhancing energy, reducing food cravings, eliminating toxins, and much more!

Most people do not take enough fruits and vegetables to get the necessary level of phyto-nutrients. Even if you take enough amount, it would still be difficult to regularly consume all of the specified different colored fruits and vegetables which is the only way to obtain the complete spectrum of phyto-nutrients.

Only taking minerals and vitamins is not enough because they don’t contain phyto-nutrients. The green substances you take as supplements do have nutritional value but they do not have the full spectrum of phyto-nutrients you’ll find in DGF.

Phyto-nutrients are essential to health for a lifetime. DGF provides you with the easiest way to obtain the recommended phyto-nutrition and antioxidant power to the extent of more than 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Nano-sized Liposome

Getting the maximum health benefits

Using nano-sized liposome as the carrier, DGF gets more phyto-nutrients into your body.

Scientific studies show that increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables does not necessarily increase the absorption and utilization of phyto-nutrients by the body.

Nano-sized liposome represents a technological breakthrough that enables the body to significantly increase the absorption of phyto-nutrients. It enables the phyto-nutrients to be prepacked into its protective shell, thereby nano-sizing them with the effect of unprecedent body absorption through the gut wall.



為確保您在健康上得到最大的效益,DGF的配方務求達到最高的 Phyto-Nutrients植物營養素效力。植物營養素配方所含的力量可通過其抗氧化量作科學測量,並取決於每樣材料的選擇,品質和製造過程。



最新的科學研究顯示 Phyto-nutrients 植物營養素有以下的健康效益:


Nano-sized Liposome

藉著Nano-sized Liposome納米體積微脂粒作為引導媒介,DGF使更多的Phyto-nutrients 植物營養素進入體內。
Nano-sized Liposome納米體積的微脂粒是革命性的突破,能使身體顯著地吸收 Phyto-nutrients 植物營養素。原因是它能夠將 Phyto-nurtients 植物營養素預先包裝在保護囊內,使其大小納米化,達至前所未有的經腸壁的身體吸收。

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