Pure freeze dried raw premium cuts of the pelvis and femur bones of very young calf in New Zealand.
(Depending on the availability of the kinds of animals at the time of production, the animal source from which this product is prepared may differ.)

Contains no excipients, preservatives or additives.

Nutritional information:

As the bones are still forming, they are soft and highly nutritious, containing abundance of osteoblasts and chondroblasts (the bone and cartilage forming cells) and some bone marrow cells. The bulk specimens were obtained fresh from the abattoir, immediately quick-frozen, sliced and freeze dried in the raw state. Therefore, all the original, natural and active nutrients and substances are maintained. Being raw, the bones are fully digestible. It is an excellent snack. Your dog will look up to it as Manna from heaven and go wild with delight!

Suggested usage:

For very large breeds with big mouths, feed them whole piece. For smaller breeds, hold a piece in your hand and let your dog gnaw it into small pieces. Towards the end, make sure your dog does not swallow a piece big enough to cause choking or suffocation. No need to rehydrate.

Instructions for storage:

Store in a cool dry place below 30 degrees Celsius. Protect from moisture. Do not store in the refrigerator.

Net Weight: 10g/pack, 50g/pack

Price: $25/10g, $95/50g


營養價值:因骨骼仍在成長中,其硬度不如成骨那麼硬,含有營養豐富的成骨細胞和成軟骨細胞和一些骨髓細胞。新鮮食材來自屠宰場後,馬上急凍,然後切片凍乾,因此保存了所有原本天然和活性的營養物質。因為產品是生的,未經煮熟, 吃後骨頭是可完全被消化的。PON 牛仔骨扒是一極佳小食,你的狗狗會視其為從天降下的曼納,歡喜若狂!

建議用法:如您的狗狗是很大型的品種, 可餵食一整塊。較小型的品種,主人要手持一整塊,讓狗狗慢慢咬, 食到最後, 主人要確保狗狗不會吞食一大塊, 足以導致硬咽或窒息。乾食, 不用加水, 避免過量餵食。


產品淨重:10克, 50 克

價錢:$25 (10克) ,  $95 (50克)

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