Renova was originally developed by Lifecore Biomedical in cooperation with a group of leading American and international clinicians. Successfully used by many dental professionals around the world since then.

Renova implant macro design is truly unique, as of now there is nothing similar created on the world market. 

We know that traditionally implantology have started with parallel wall implants. They have been considered golden standard for a long time. It was so until end of 90s beginning of 2000, when tapered implants came to the market and they immediately gained huge popularity on the leading world markets, including USA. It happened for a reason. 

Tapered implants are easy to use for a surgeon, especially when there are anatomic limitations present and what is most important they are allowing to achieve high primary stability which is one of the most important criteria for doing immediate prosthetics. At the same time tapered implants were criticized for having tissue remodeling around neck which was more aggressive than needed. This issue in reality is disputable as many clinicians assert not without reason that if we follow certain protocols and properly analyze anatomic limitations we can easily avoid it. But in reality, it is not so easy to achieve in every clinical situation. 

Parallel walls that Renova implant has at the neck area or at the area of cortical plate allow to almost fully avoid remodeling and guarantee long term successful result both from the bone as well as soft tissue level perspective, which, at the same time, is the main condition for achieving not only functional but esthetic result of the treatment.


Substantially increases bone-to-implant contact and mechanical bone interlock

  • Roughened titanium surface – a high level of clinical acceptance since 1997; 98% success rate*.
  • Biocompatible calcium phosphate ceramic media – ensures safety and biological compatibility.
  • Higher bone-to-implant contact – and 250% more surface area.1
  • Acid-free roughening process – implant is free from acid residues.

*Data on file

1 Piateli, M, et al (2002) Bone response to machined and resorbable blast material titanium implants: An experimental study in rabbits. Journal of oral implantology: 1, 2-8


  • Tapered implant design
  • RBM surface
  • Cover screw and pre-mounted, color-coded Placement Head (3.5mm) included with each implant.
  • Packaged to minimize handling during placement.
  • Gamma sterilized

The RENOVA Implant Surgical Kit is organized with a color-coded flow chart and logical left-to-right drill progression. Each column is conveniently color-coded to link the finishing drill and tap to the corresponding implant diameter.

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