The Isolation Gown is designed and made to correct the shortcomings associated with the commonly available isolation gowns such that superior isolation and barrier functions can be achieved. The special features of the Isolation Gown are as follows:

  • It is made of dense non-woven polypropylene material thus offering superior water-repellent function.
  • The neck opening fits snugly around the base of the neck without exposing the medial parts of the shoulders.
  • The open edges over the nape (back part of the neck) are fastened with Velcro tapes with generous overlapping of the edges. This enables the back of the body to be completely covered.
  • Fastening of the Isolation Gown at waist level with the suspensory string allows free adjustment of the length of the Isolation Gown to fit users of all heights.
  • Fastening of the overlapping edges at the hip region prevent them from slipping apart over the thighs.
  • The lower edge of the Isolation Gown extends well below knee level thus enabling total coverage of the legs when used together with the Isolation Gown.
  • There is a transparent internally accessed pocket for putting the mobile phone (as well as small personal belongings) so that the user can visually check calls.
  • The Isolation Gown keeps the body warm but will not cause sweatiness because of the breathability of the non-woven polypropylene material.

With the above features, the Isolation Gown stands out to be a superior choice among the available disposable isolation gown.