Freeze dried raw tripe (stomach) of cattle or sheep (depending on the availability at the time of production). Contains no excipients, preservatives or additives.

Nutritional information:

The stomach of ruminating livestock (such as cattle or sheep) is highly nutritious, containing plenty of enzymes and nutrients that are excellent for your pet’s health. It’s also a very natural part of ancestral diets of both dogs and cats. When they were hunters before being domesticated, they would often consume their prey’s stomach and other internal organs. For carnivores, this can be a good source of many essential vitamins and nutrients, including selenium, zinc and vitamin B12. PON Tripe can help boost the immune system, assist in building healthy muscle, support healthy skin and coat, soothe gastrointestinal upsets, maintain and support healthy digestion.

Suggested usage:

For very large breeds with big mouths, feed them whole piece. For smaller breeds, hold a piece in your hand and let your dog gnaw it into small pieces. Towards the end, make sure your dog does not swallow a piece big enough to cause choking or suffocation. No need to rehydrate.

Instructions for storage:

Store in a cool dry place below 30 degrees Celsius. Protect from moisture. Do not refrigerate. After opening, reseal it completely to prevent entry of moisture, contaminants and insects.

Net Weight: 30g/pack

Price: $60/pack

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