Pure freeze dried raw pancreas powder. 

(Since the availability of the animal species has seasonal differences, the animal sources may differ.  )

Contains no excipients, preservatives or additives.

Nutritional information:

Pancreas performs very important digestive and endocrine functions of the body. It produces various digestive enzymes – trypsin and chymotrypsin, amylase and lipase, for the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats respectively. The cells of the Islets of Langerhans produce Insulin to lower blood sugar and glucagon to raise blood sugar as well as some other hormones. Working together these hormones regulate the normal metabolism and utilisation of carbohydrates which affect the functions of multiple organs and structures of the body. One well known and common disease resulting from abnormal secretion and function of insulin is Diabetes Mellitus. PON Pancreas Powder contains all the essential elements that are required for normal digestion and regulation of the blood level and utilisation of sugar.

Suggested usage:

Add the product to PON all-natural freeze dried raw pet food, fresh raw food, soup or water. Give a liberal amount each time but avoid over-feeding. No need to rehydrate before use.

Instructions for storage:

Store in a cool dry place below 30 degree Celsius. Protect from moisture. Do not refrigerate. After opening, reseal it completely to prevent entry of moisture, contaminants and insects.

Net Weight: 10g/pack

Price: $275/pack


營養價值:胰臟執行身體非常重要的消化及內分泌功能,其生產不同消化酵素用來消化蛋白質,澱粉質及脂肪。其朗格漢斯島細胞生產胰島素,用來控制血糖及其他有用荷爾蒙。這些荷爾蒙一齊運作,控制正常新陳代謝及澱粉質的使用。這些都是影響著身體多個器官及組織的功能。其中一廣被認識及常見的疾病 - 糖尿病,是由不正常胰島素分泌及功能所導致。PON胰臟粉含有正常消化及血糖控制及使用的必要元素。

建議用法:將產品添加到PON純天然凍乾生寵物糧,新鮮生糧,湯或水中。 每次提供適量的份量,但要避免過量餵食。 使用時不需先加水溶解。


產品淨重:10 克/包


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