Pure freeze dried raw eye powder.
(Since the availability of the animal species has seasonal differences, the animal sources may differ.)
Contains no excipients, preservatives or additives.

Nutritional information:

The eye is one of the most important organs for a living being. It is the means for the visual perception of and interaction with the outside world, thus allowing the normal activities in life. Dogs, especially those having big and protrusive eyes and ingrown eyelashes, are prone to cornea injuries leading to blindness. Cataract is a very common cause of blindness among aging dogs and cats. Disease and degeneration of the retina is another cause of loss of vision. Thus, losing of vision has multiple causes that can involve the various structural components of the eye. PON eye powder offers your pets all the structural components necessary for the normal function of the eye.

Suggested usage:

Add the product to PON all-natural freeze dried raw pet food, fresh raw food, soup or water. Give a liberal amount each time but avoid over-feeding. No need to rehydrate before use.

Instructions for storage:

Store in a cool dry place below 30 degrees Celsius. Protect from moisture. Do not refrigerate. After opening, reseal it completely to prevent entry of moisture, contaminants and insects.

Net Weight: 10g/pack

Price: $235/pack

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