One Box 每盒:

( 5Kg / Joint 條 ) x3 = 15Kg

How many pieces can be cut from one joint? 1條可切開幾多塊?

Thickness 厚度

Pieces / Joint 每條件數

Weight / Piece 每件重量

2.5cm thick厚

16 pcs件


3cm thick厚

13 pcs件


4cm thick厚

10 pcs件


5cm thick厚

8 pcs件


All the above thicknesses and weights are approximations only.

We are proud to introduce the THOUSAND GUINEAS - our top premium Australian beef to Hong Kong. It comes from the most highly sought after beef cattle breed, the AUSTRALIAN SHORTHORN, which is highly acclaimed and has received multiple accolades in various Australian culinary and cattle competitions. This is the flagship brand of JBS Australia, the most renowned and largest meat producer in Australia. The meat quality of our Australian Shorthorn surpasses all the locally available prime beef. This is the first time ever the THOUSAND GUINEAS is introduced to Hong Kong.

我們非常榮幸地引進香港澳洲的最優質品牌THOUSAND GUINEAS,它是來自最受追捧的食用牛品種 - Australian Shorthorn澳洲短角牛。這品種在澳洲享譽盛名及在大師級的烹飪比賽及牛展中連續數年獲得冠軍大獎。這是澳洲最大牛類產品生產商JBS Australia的旗艦品牌,其肉質超越所有本地的其他優質品種。這是THOUSAND GUINEAS首次被引進香港。

About Australian Shorthorn

The story begins in the North East of England in the 18th century, where Teeswater & Durham cattle breeds were being refined using selective breeding techniques by Charles and Robert Colling. This program would go on to give rise to one of the most highly sought after beef cattle breeds anywhere in the world… the Shorthorn. The culmination of this breeding program was the birth of the bull Comet in 1804, who, in 1810 went on to fetch 1,000 Guineas at the Brafferton sale, breaking all records as the first bull to draw such a price tag. This bloodline would go on to be a key influencer in the Modern Shorthorn breed that is celebrated for its superb eating qualities. 

The Shorthorn breed keeps the oldest breed registry in the world. In 1825 the first registered Shorthorn cattle arrived in Australia, imported by Potter McQueen in Scone, NSW.   By 1890, Shorthorn cattle accounted for 50% of all temperate cattle and nearly all cattle in the difficult Northern climate.  Today's Shorthorn cattle are noted for their excellent maternal abilities, temperament, growth and meat quality, particularly marbling.


故事始於18世紀的英格蘭東北部。查爾斯(Charles)和羅伯特·科林(Robert Colling)使用選擇性交配技術對提斯沃特(Teeswater)和達勒姆(Durham)牛的品種進行了改良。該計劃成功地培育出短角牛,此為世界上最受追捧的牛肉之一。這是始源於1804年誕生的公牛,名為「彗星」,他在1810年的Brafferton拍賣會上以1000幾內亞成交(當時1幾內亞相等於1.05英磅),打破了所有記錄,成為第一隻如此高價的公牛。這種血統成為現代短角牛品種的關鍵基因,該品種以其出眾的品質而聞名。

短角牛品種保持著世界上最古老的品種註冊。 1825年第一批註冊的短角牛抵達澳大利亞,由新南威爾士州斯康(Scone)的波特·麥昆(Potter McQueen)進口。到1890年,短角牛佔所有溫帶牛的50%,在困難的北方氣候下,幾乎佔全數的牛。當今的短角牛以其出色的母性及生育能力、溫馴性格、生長能力及肉質(尤其是大理石花紋)而聞名。

GUARANTEE of Quality and Safety

Thousand Guineas Shorthorn Beef is packaged exclusively by Australia’s largest and most recognised beef producer, JBS. In partnership with The Shorthorn Society of Australia and accredited livestock producers, Thousand Guineas utilises grain finishing expertise and state-of-the-art processing facilities to deliver you a unique beef product with an exquisite tenderness and flavour, that would put it at home on any menu around the world. Thousand Guineas Shorthorn Beef is produced to meet vigorous and exacting high levels of food safety ensuring this product is clean, safe and healthy.


Thousand Guineas 短角牛由澳大利亞最大、最受認可的牛肉生產商JBS生產。 與澳大利亞的短角牛學會和經認可的畜牧者合作,Thousand Guineas 利用卓越及專業的穀飼和最先進的生產設備,為您提供具有精緻嫩度和獨特風味的牛肉產品,能溶入世界各地的不同菜式。 Thousand Guineas 短角牛的生產符合嚴格的食品安全標準,可確保該產品清潔,安全和健康。

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