Tasting Note: 

Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2016. This is our first Late Harvest wine, handpicked on 16-17th May, 2016. It was 5°C when we finished picking! We had excellent conditions for our sweet wine, which at harvest gave us a mixture of berries; some botrytised, some concentrated and shrivelled, as well as golden full berries. This mixture of berries gives the wine an array of aromas and flavours. The wine is medium yellow at this stage, has apricot and honey flavours and excellent sugar-acid balance along with a gentle botrytis influence. We love the aromas… and the flavours!

The Vineyard. Our low yielding Sauvignon Blanc is grown mainly on own roots on 5 different blocks over our undulating hills, which vary in their altitude, north facing aspect, depths of soil and exposure to the elements.

We always handpick so only the best fruit is harvested. Handpicking this variety is rare these days. We share a similar climate (homoclime) to Marlborough but the characters of our Sauvignon Blanc are more akin to those found in the more northern parts of New Zealand and in old world examples.

We are on soft crumbly limestone, rather than stones. The limestone gives our wines elegance, good structure and pure fruit flavours. The roots are able to penetrate the soft limestone of broken shells. Water drains through the limestone quickly after rain. The huge benefit of the sloping hills is that we are frost free. 

Winemaking. The whole bunches were slowly pressed, juice was settled and racked into a seasoned barrel and a tank for fermenting and then maturation.

Bottling: 27th January, 2017

Analyses: Alcohol 12.0% pH 3.58 TA 7.5g, Residual Sugar 110g

Tasting note: Aromatic, floral, fruity and mineral laden bouquet. Flavours of sweet peach, apple, apricot and honey coat the palate along with plenty of sweetness. A quiet Sauvignon Blanc herbal note adds some complexity and depth. Refreshing sweet finish.
 - Cameron Douglas, Master Sommelier. 

This is a perfect match with a cheese platter, Asian food and sweet dishes, complimenting their flavours without dominating. We watch with interest the development of this special Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc. It is developing more character and interest with time.

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